Camel coat

Camel coat

We always tell you about the importance of having a camel coat in our closets. But you already know the saying: At the blacksmith’s house, the wooden knife. Our coats urgently needed to be renewed. So one of my gifts from Reyes was this beautiful coat. Of classic and masculine cut to which I think that I am going to take much advantage to him. This time I combined it with sports (lately I do not take them off) and woolen sweater. A perfect look for these days so cold that we are having. The scarab bag I could see in this look last year on the blog.

Camel coat

abrigo camel siempre hay algo que ponerse blog moda vigo abrigo camel street style camel coat

Coat: Zara

Jersey: H & M

Jeans: Zara

Sports: Adidas

Bag: Zara

Do you already have a camel coat in your closet?

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  1. candiescloset at 15:43

    El abrigo te sienta genial y es un fondo de armario. Todas deberíamos tener uno. Un besito guapa!

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