Floral print jacket

Floral print jacket

Over the years I have been creating a collection of blazers of which I am proud of. As you know, blazer jackets are my favorite fashion garment. And the most complicated thing has not been finding the basic ones, but the most special ones. Those that by their print or color solve a look instantly. Those that make you stand out in the good sense and reflect your style perfectly. They are not easy to find, you have to be patient and don’t stop looking. One of my favorites is the green that I shared with you in this look, another is the fuchsia one that I shared on my Instagram and finally the one I show you today. A floral print jacket in navy blue colors, with a horizontal red stripe at the end.

Its cut, fabric and bright colors make it special. This time I show you it combined with a pair of jeans, basic white shirt, white undercut heels and golden handbag. The outfit without the jacket would be very simple, but with the jacket becomes more elegant, don’t you think? It is a look whith which I feel very comfortable and that I would wear to go out to dinner or even to go to work because the heels are low.

Floral print jacket

Americana estampado floral con jeans

Americana estampado floral con raya roja horizontal

Americana flores combinada con camiseta básica blanca

Blazer floral de Zara y bolso dorado Mango

Siempre Hay Algo Que Ponerse ¿Cómo combinar una blazer estampada?

Chaqueta Estampado Flores azul marino

Chaqueta estampado floral

Handbag Mango

Rest of the look Zara

Do you like my floral print jacket ? Or do you think that my thing for blazers is going out of hands?

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