Blazer Camel

Blazer Camel

This Sunday the sun came out! Did not last long, just one day, but it allowed me to charge batteries, made these photos and went out with some very special friends that I had too long without ejoying their company. So yes, it lasted just a little, but I could not have thought in a best way to close the weekend.I was wearing my last two purchases from sales; a camel double-breasted jacket and a beanie with a cute pompom, that I bought just for four euros, at Pimkie. The most trendy touch was given by my golden oxford from last season. They are even more fashionable now with the masculine shoes trend, don’t you think?









Blazer: Zara    HandBag: Parfois
Beanie: Pimkie   Oxford Shoes: Zara
Hope you like it!
Besos Patri

Asesora de imagen personal en Vigo.

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