Floral print blazer

Floral print blazer

It seems that the heat finally let us wear all the summer clothes 🙂 . It was about time! I was willing to wear less layers and more spring clothes, as this floral print blazer of Zara new collection, a gift from my boyfriend. Its base color, navy, makes it easy to combine it, the print is ideal for spring-summer and I love it fluid fabric. Today I show you how I combined it to go out for dinner with him. With tight ripped jeans, white blouse, yellow heels and silver accessories.

If I’m honest, I’m not a fan of floral print, but I like it in small doses. I think the prints with tiny flowers bring more sweetness and large flowers seem to me more gross, maybe it’s just a matter of personal taste. Do you guys believe that?

Floral print blazer








Blazer  Zara

Shirt  Mango

Necklace  H&M

Do you like the floral print? How would you combine it?

Asesora de imagen personal en Vigo.

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  1. Olgas Day at 00:05

    Me encanta el look!! La americana es preciosa y me gusta mucho como la has combinado!!
    Nuevo post: Nuevos zapatos y complementos en mi armario.

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