Blouse with stripes

Blouse with stripes

I think you never get to have ‘too many’ striped shirts in your closet. I have a blue stripes masculine style with floral print, a classic cut with red stripes, another black and white and the latest acquisition has been this Cheriè striped blouse that I show you today. It has peplum cut, which you already know that I love and I find flattering. And I like the original details that it has like the bows in the sleeve and the neckline.

I see many possibilities for combining it, both for casual looks and for more formal occasions. This time I have combined it with jeans and heels in white. Complementing with maxi gold earrings and a round bamboo handbag with a printed silk scarf that gives more color to the outfit.

Blouse with Stripes

Siempre Hay Algo Que Ponerse. Blusa de rayas peplum de Cheriè tienda de Pontevedra.

Blusa de rayas Cheriè. Pendientes dorados Zara.

Pantalones blancos, bolso de bambú y blusa de rayas.

Bolso redondo de bambú. Jeans blancos Zara.


Top de rayas Cheriè tienda online.

Blog de Moda en Vigo. Siempre Hay Algo Que Ponerse. Look Blusa de rayas.

Blusa de rayas peplum de Chriè tienda Tui

Blouse Shop Cheriè

Heels Zara

Silk scarf Parfois

Handbag Local market in Portugal


Do you like the blouse? How would you combine it?

Asesora de imagen personal en Vigo.

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