Bag pellets

Bag pellets

After seeing it for a lot of Ig accounts we were bitten by the bug, but what we just convinced was to see how they combine it with our beloved dudes We are twin set We love the twin style they wear! That’s why we are thinking of getting one, or wait for the sales … 🙂 We leave our selection of shopping and the most inspiring looks to combine it.

Bag pellets

como combinar tu bolso de bolitas bolso bolitas street style bolso perlas

bolso bolitas street style bolso bolitas look con bolso bolitas

We like it combined with suit and sandals. It brings a youthful and vintage air that can differentiate you in your office looks.

collage vintage bolso bolitas transparente como combiar tu bolso de bolitas bloguera-sara-escudero-bolso-perlas-shrimps-bolso bolitas como combinarlo

Collage Vintage combines them like nobody else. Both in its transparent version and in white. Both looks are 100% copiable. Always follow the trends without dying in the attempt. Your blog is pure inspiration.

bolso bolitas como combinar tu bolso bolitas en invierno como combinar tu bolso de bolitas en invierno bolso bolitas

For those who are still not convinced and do not see continuity beyond the summer. These two inspirational looks will get you completely out of doubt. Perfect for when the other arrives. Combined with a wool sweater and some conversions.

street style winter street style bolso bolitas

And as we all know, this trend will not last long, so better not to invest a lot is a bag of this style. Here you have the best low cost options that we have found from the bag of balls.

bolso bolitas shopping

Do you dare with this style of bag?

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