Yellow Boots

Yellow Boots

This week I had to show you these yellow boots I bought in Zara. If I am honest I thought about it a lot especially when they cost € 59 because I know they are not the most basic thing 🙂 . But when they lowered the price to € 29, I could not resist. In addition to some good basics I find it essential to have a small collection of special or eye-catching accessories in the wardrobe. Clothes or accessories that put up your mood and make you feel more you. Those that do not go unnoticed by anyone for good or bad, but you love it that is the important thing and you feel ‘powerful’ and super ‘stylish’ with them.

Well these booties are the new add to my collection. I am convinced that they will contribute given an extra to my looks. This time I show you with a very classic combo in me, vintage style jeans and white shirt. I add earth tones with a plaid print blazer and a suede bag from last season. And as a finishing touch long earrings with an aged effect from H&M. For me the booties certainly give the joyful point that the outfit needed. What do you think about it?

Yellow Booties










Yellow Boots Zara

Shirt Mango

Jeans Zara

Earrings H&M

What do you think of the boots? Do you like flashy shoes or do you prefer sober shoes?

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  1. Raquel Sainza at 14:58

    Son diferentes, pero aún así los veo muy ponibles, me gustan!

    Siempre unos zapatos negros

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