Animal Print Boots

Animal Print Boots

I already told you about my love for sock-style boots. Specifically in this look with leopard print coat. I only had the red ones and for now I had resisted getting another pair of the same style. But I had been looking for these booties with leopard print for a long time and in the end I decided to buy them. I admit that I had some doubts about whether I would wear them enough, that’s why I bought them and decided to give it a think at home. I recommend you to do that whenever something causes you doubts. Do not jump to get the label out or throw the ticket to the garbage when you get home. The purchase process does not end there. Give yourself a few days to think about combinations with what you have in the closet and if you are still unconvinced return it. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be sure of what you buy.

This time I combine it with total black clothes and a camel blazer so that the booties were the protagonists. I found the blazer in a local market in Milan, it is made in Italy and I did not hesitate to bring it with me. The fabric and cut are of an incredible quality, I think it is a basic that will contribute a lot to my wardrobe.

Animal Print Boots

Asesoría de Imagen en Vigo. Siempre Hay Algo Que Ponerse

Botines con estampado leopardo

Botines animal print de Zar

Blazer camel oversized

Botines con estampado leopardo y americana camel

Botines estampado leopardo de Zara. Botines estilo calcetóin

Americana camel con top de encaje

Jeans negros y botines estampado leopardo

Boots Zara

Handbag Purificación García

Jeans Zara

What do you think of the boots? How would you combine them?

Asesora de imagen personal en Vigo.

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