Plaid shirt

Plaid shirt

Without realizing it, I buy more and more in Mango. In store I never find anything that I love, but it is to enter the web and I do not stop adding clothes to the basket. A few years ago I could say that I bought only in Inditex, but over the years my tastes have been evolving. I like that my wardrobe is more versatile and have more special clothes. From this plaid shirt I loved that it has a certain cowboy air. Do you like it as much as I do?

Plaid shirt

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Shirt: Mango

Jeans: Mango

Ankle boots: Mango

Earrings: Mango

Bag: Vintage (look 1, look 2, look 3, look 4)

Do you like to buy in Mango or are you faithful to the Inditex empire?

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