Pink Shirt

Pink Shirt

Today I show you a look that came up one morning of those that just go of time and you dress running without thinking too much. I don’t know about you but those days, when I instinctively decide on the clothes and accessories without giving it many laps, it is when I am most surprised with the result. It does not always work out well, but most of the time I end up discovering new combinations and possibilities with clothes from my wardrobe. And when it happens with clothes that I have not worn for a while, it’s like I fall in love with them again. This is how I came up with this look that I show you today with this pink military style shirt that blows me away.

The contrast of the colors pink and yellow, which could be overloaded, is softened by the simplicity and minimalism of the outfit. And the mixture of textures of the garments greatly enriches the result. This is the proof that not thinking more will get you better looks, it is not good to give too many laps. The more relaxed these are, the more your instinct flows and the faster you connect with the style that most identifies you.

Pink Shirt









Shirt and loafers Zara

Handbag Parfois

Jeans Mango

Did you like the mix of colors? Or do you see them very contrary?

Asesora de imagen personal en Vigo.

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