Denim shirt for Women & Men

Denim shirt for Women & Men

The denim shirt is one of the few pieces truly worthy of its essential tag, for both men and women. It offers something to every wardrobe; it transcends age, season and style. Far from being a tendency, denim shirt is timeless and its versatility has no limits.
Due to its origins in workwear for its durability, the denim has long being linked to a casual image. But its continue evolution in the fashion industry has made it a basic with the ability to effortlessly interchange through looks.
Today we want to show you all the potential that a denim shirt can have, for those of you who already have one, so you can give it all the use it deserves and for those of you who need to be convince that denim is much more than an off-duty staple.



Denim on Denim

demin with demin




Denim on Denim


Surprised by all the combinations that you can make with just one denim shirt?
Encouraged to try new looks with the ideas we just gave you?

Have a nice week!

Besos Patri y Yael

Asesora de imagen personal en Vigo.

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  1. ilovetrends at 23:33

    Me encantan las camisas vaqueras, tengo un par de hace un tiempo y nunca me aburren, quedan bien con casi todo!

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