How to combine your white shirt

How to combine your white shirt

We always repeated the importance of basic and invest in clothes that give versatility to your wardrobe. And despite heavy to be, today’s post is about the white shirt. It is a pillar in our wardrobe and one of the garments that has crept into the blog. We bring our looks, how and our advice to combine in combining your shirt.


The shirt seems perfect for any occasion. Patri combined his white shirt for a wedding. With patterned skirt and headdress of flowers she created a very elegant and modern at the same time look. The white shirt is a garment that supports everything. If you have to combine a garment with personality or a very strong pattern, choose it. It will bring balance to your style.


street-style-camisa-blanca-street-style-white-shirt-camisa blanca

White shirt accompanies us throughout all seasons. For more winter looks superimposing clothes and looks cooler in summer remangando sleeves.

como-combinar-tu-camisa-blanca--street-style-camisa-blanca siempre-hay-algo-que-ponerse-camisa-blanca-como-combinar-tu-camisa-blanca

If we were to opt for a style when the shirt would combine the style office. Power much more serious, perfect looks for work.

street-style-camisa-blanca-look-con-camisa-blanca-como-combinar-tu-camisa-blanca look-con-camisa-blanca-street-style-camisa-blanca-como-combinar-camisa-blanca

The white shirt is a simple garment complements your look with accessories like hats, bags or metallic estampaos and shoes that provide a different texture.

Is it for you the shirt a garment star?

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  1. Saray Suárez at 23:35

    Estoy totalmente de acuerdo. Creo que al menos debe de haber una camisa blanca en cada armario ? Yo tengo una muy normalita y estoy buscando alguna un poco más elegante. Nos leemos. Besiños.

  2. antes Alta que sinsilla at 01:30

    Gracias, gracias y gracias por darnos tantas ideas! La verdad es que el look de camisa con falda larga o culottes son mis preferidos porque me parecen apuestas de tendencia brillantes!
    Feliz semana preciosas!!

    Paty de antes Alta que sinsilla

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