Cotton Bird: Diseños únicos para tus invitaciones

Cotton Bird: Diseños únicos para tus invitaciones

We are only a few days for the 3 years aniversary of the wedding and I keep thinking about how quickly time has passed. It seems that it was yesterday when we were preparing everything for the big day. The preparations are not easy, and who has not gone through this situation of stress and nerves its very lucky. When you dream of that day since you have reason, you want everything to be perfect and to define you. Although only three years have passed, everything that respects the world of weddings has advanced a lot. For example: Now it’s not only worth having videographers, you have to carry a drone. And like that, endless things that make everything more perfect and more idyllic if possible, but also make it more demanding.

Choosing the theme of the wedding can be tricky, especially if you have different tastes. We had it clear. We chose traveling theme, it is not that we have traveled the world but we really enjoyed doing it. The theme does not only include the decoration of the wedding, it includes the invitations, the the seating plan … it is something that a does not seem important but that helps to give coherence to everything. I wish when we got married we would have known the web ! It would have saved us many head breakers.

It is very difficult to find the ‘perfect’ wedding invitations, because you want them to be original but also to represent you as a couple and at the same time give the guest a small sample of what they can expect on the day of your celebration. The moment you give them to your family and loved ones is special and you want to be proud of the card you are delivering. It is normal to turn this decision around, don’t worry.

The website has a wide variety of styles and types of invitations, so if you are having a hard time decinding about the wedding theme, maybe take a look at the page can help you find the inspiration you need. You can even take the invitation design, edit it with the color and text that best suits you and use it as a starting point or thread of the rest of the details of your wedding.

TIP: If you want to do something very personal, make your own logo. It is a recurring image that you can then include in much of the wedding stationery (invitations, waiters, thank you cards, menu, seating plan, table number …)

Another important aspect, and perhaps the first of all that you must carry out, is to create a moodboard that helps you not lose the north. When you go on Pinterest and you go crazy looking for inspiration without stopping, it is very easy to get carried away and want everything. Do not panic! It is not necessary to have everything, from my own experience I tell you, that it is better to think things calmly and not make decisions in the heat of the moment.

With a collage of inspiration, you can have a global idea of ​​the colors, fabrics and elements you want in your day and how they fit together. Try to transfer those characteristics to the invitations you personalize.

What difficulties are you encountering in organizing your wedding? Tell us which will be your wedding theme.

I invite you to take a look on the stationery items that I used in our wedding and all the details. Here I live you the link to the post that I published: My big wedding, My big wedding II. Hope they give you more inspiration!

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