Sneakers, How to make the most of them?

Sneakers, How to make the most of them?

If you’ve been follow us for a while you will know that we are really addicted to casual sneakers. We love to combine them with sporty looks sport and even with more formal looks. We see in this footwear a million possibilities. We want you to also take all possible match to your sneakers and so we thought to do a post collecting all our looks with trainers. Hoping to inspired you!

It’s really fun to do this type of post because you are able to see how many times you wear a garment, whether it’s a blouse, a pair of sneakers or even a pair of sunglasses. Without realizing it there are clothes that you repeat non stop. They are garments that become essential for you and are part of your wardrobe essentials. What are your essentials? For us are jeans, a blazer, a pair of sneakers, a basic white, a dress, some heels and a good handbag. We would not be able to live without any of them!


With coat


Who says that in winter you can not use sneakers? We believe that it is the most versatile footwear that exists. We love the combo coat + jeans + sneakers. It gives a lighter look to the winter looks. And although during the winter we love boots / booties, especially XTI footwear, we need to give our feet a break. A long masculine cut coat, a warm sweater and a maxi scarf is the combination we repeat the most. If you dare with the accessories, add a hat and you will not go unnoticed 🙂 .


With skirt


It is perhaps the most risky combination. The skirt is a very feminine garment and at first it may shock you to combine it in that way. But this is what for us it’s fashion. Match one garment with millions of different shapes. It would be very boring to put on a blouse always with the same pants and the same shoes. Get out of your comfort zone! Turn your closet around, put it upside down and make mixtures you never thought before.

With blazer


This is certainly our favorite combination! We love mixing a garment as formal as it is a blazer with sneakers. We understand that everyone does not have to like it but we think it’s the perfect sporty chic look. Usually the blazers are for office outfits but if you combine them more casually it can be your allies for any occasion. Patri combines them with t-shirts with message or basic t-shirts and I prefer to opt for blouses.




In addition to the three combos that we named and which are the most used by us, we also wear sneakers with bomber jackets, with leather jackets or denim jackets, with trench … We can get more use of our sneakers. And you?

What do you think of the post? Which is your favorite kind of footwear? Do you usually wear sneakers in your day to day?

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