Style mistakes that we make without realizing

Style mistakes that we make without realizing

Nobody, not even the most fashion people, is free to make some style mistakes. Sometimes you just need someone to point out the mistake to realize it. That is why we have decided to review with you the most frequent style mistakes and recommend you the best way to solve them:

Style Mistakes

Too high heels

High heels are beautiful and yes, it makes you look taller and thiner, but wearing a high heel to start limping at ten minutes it’s a mistake. You instantly lose all the elegance and sensuality that they bring you. Do not feel like a weirdo for that. There are many people who are not used to wearing high shoes and it is not easy to walk with them. You do not need to give up the heels, but opt for a middle heel or lower heel, you will gain comfort and confidence to walk correctly.

Errores de estilo: Andar mal con tacones altos

Choose the wrong underwear

We know that showing your lace bra is fashionable right now. If you show it in a subtle way, it looks spectacular. But remember that choosing to show the bra is a risky bet. Be careful not to cross the line from insinuate to show everything. Haste is a bad counsellor and when you dress up running sometimes you don’t remember that the pants or blouse you have picked up are a little transparent. You leave the house running to the office and when you realize it is too late. Do not get us wrong, of course you can wear underwear with contrasting colors, but make sure when you stand in front of the mirror before leaving home, that if you show a little underwear it’s only because you want to.

Sujetador de encaje. Errores de estilo.

Buy the same garment over and over again

We understand you. You never have enough blazers, not enough plaid shirts or enough striped t-shirts. But we must be honest with ourselves, if we feel the need to buy more of the same type of garment is because what we already have does not convince us completely. It may be because the clothes deteriorate quickly, because none of the clothes you have fits you perfectly or because the fabric wrinkles easily. Whatever the reason may be, it is better to invest in a better quality garment than to have five similar ones in the wardrobe that are not perfect for your needs.

Errores de estilo. Comprar siempre las mismas prendas.

Too matchy

Sometimes, perhaps because we try too hard, we end up matching everything with everything. Of course, it is easier to combine shoes, bags and earrings of the same color, but this way the look becomes boring and you end up being in a great risk to look like ‘tacky’. The thing gets even more ‘serious’ when, as in the case of the photo, we use the same pattern on clothes and accessories. In order to avoid it try to remember to always use a minimum of two colors in your outfits. Use print clothes or accessories with moderation, combining them with other non-printted garments always helps. And if you see that the look is very monochromatic, add the color contrast on earrings, shoes or accessories. In this other post we give you tips to combine several prints and emerge victorious.

Errores de estilo. Demasiado combinada.


Wearing too tight clothes or too loose clothes

Who has not gone crazy sometime with tight clothes thinking of going sexy for a night out? We, although that was a long time ago, raise our hands and say ‘it has happened to me’. Both by excess of tight clothes and for excess of loose clothes have a negative effect on the complete look. You take the risk of looking too vulgar or on the contrary too sloppy. The trick is always to think about compensate the silhouette. If you wear something tight on the bottom you use something more fluid on top and vice versa. If you follow this rule you will always succeed.




Nothing in excess is good. Neither the makeup, nor the accessories, nor the prints. Remember that less is more always.



Not tailoring your clothes

It is a mistake to underestimate the power of tacking your clothes to a trustworthy tailor. Something as simple as raising the bottom of the pants can do wonders. The time when dragging the pants on the floor is far behind and now it gives a very bad image. The silhouette and proportion of the body is almost never perfect, don’t let anybody lie to you. Finding clothes that fits you perfectly is very difficult, but you don’t have to be discouraged. Buy the garment that you like and that promises a lot and take it to a tailor. He or she will advise you the improvements that you need. And for little money you will have a garment that fits you like a glove.

Error de estilo. No subir el bajo del pantalón



What do you think about this review of style mistakes? Any mistake that comes to mind that we did not mention?

Tell us what fashions mistakes have you made.

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