Glasses or contact lenses?

Glasses or contact lenses?

If what has bring you to this post has been the question of this post title, here is our answer: Collate both options throughout the day would undoubtedly be ideal. The girls ofSiempre Hay Algo Que Ponerse have myopia and for us it is essential to correct the vision, either with contact lenses or glasses. In contact lenses we look for comfort but above all a long-lasting hydration; like the one provided biofinity multifocal. It is important to maintain good hygiene and not to prolong the useful life of the lens longer than indicated. If you know the prescription of your eyes, do not hesitate and opt forcomprar las lentillas online, as it will help you to have more controlled the expiration dates. It is vital not to exceed the hours of use, to avoid suffering from dryness and avoid eye damage. It is best to combine the use of glasses and contact lenses throughout the day so that the eyes rest.


We’re not going to lie, we do not always have it so clear that intersperse both is the perfect thing to do. When your vision problems begin, your reaction, at least that’s what happened in our case, is to reject the glasses. You do not want to feel different, you do not want to be noticed and your most snooty part prefers to opt only for contact lenses. In addition, since vision problems usually begin when we are young, it is the parents who decide which vision glasses to buy. And unfortunately, they do not usually succeed and opt for classic designs that have nothing to do with our personality. Haven’t you gone through it? If the answer is no, you are lucky 🙂 . By this we mean that we understand the rejection towards glasses. But we assure you that over time you will come to appreciate them. Because they are a complement, that if you choose well, it can not only favor but also provide an extra personality to your looks. Forget about those classic and ugly designs of yesteryear. And let yourself fall in love by the selection of glasses and inspirational looks that we have prepared for you:

Glasses or contact lenses?

Our advice when choosing glasses for day to day is that you look for them in neutral tones, so the glasses can easily integrate into your looks. The striking colors are beautiful and colorful but much less versatile.

Gafas de vista con mucho estilo

If you do not want glasses that catch up  the eye a lot, opt for transparent or very thin frames. Both styles are very fashionable and we love them. They are very natural and add a different air to the look, because they are far from classic designs.


Let yourself be advised by a professional who tells you which glasses favors you the most by the shape of the face. But do not get obsess with it, don’t force yourself to buy their recommendation and trust your instinct or the opinion of a friend. It is an important decision, do not hesitate to visit more shops or webs and look for more options if the ones that they have showed you do not convince you. Remember that if you do not like them, it will be easier to leave them aside.

¿Gafas o lentillas? Tendencias en gafas de vista para 2018

Makeup is equally important or even more when we wear glasses. If our crystals dwarf, like those of myopia that are thicker and concave, it is important to opt for clear tones with some brightness to add volume. If the lens enlarges, you better choose matte shades and neutral tones such as beige or coral. The dark circles will be noticed more, so do not forget to use a good concealer.

Gafas graduadas con monturas de colore neutro

Wearing contact lenses is a convenience. It’s comforting to forget about vision problems when we wear them. But we need to take care of our eyes and give them rest. And for this there is nothing better than wearing a prescription glasses that identify us and provide a trendy point to our looks.


Are you more of glasses or contact lenses? How do you usually buy your contact lenses?

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