Can I go to a wedding with a simple dress?

Can I go to a wedding with a simple dress?

It’s been only one day from the most awaited event of the year for us, Yael’s wedding. We enjoyed very much! And we look forward to sharing with you all the details, but you have to give us time to gather photos 🙂 . But today we can share with you the experience we had with the guests and friends that attended. Most of them had many difficulties in their quest for dress and we know why. Because they did not thought of going to the wedding with a simple dress.

So to the question that gives title to this post ‘Can I go to a wedding with a simple dress?’, We say yes. Of course a dress, jumpsuit or an spectacular set can automatically make you the perfect guest, but wearing a simple dress does not have to be less. Find ‘the dress’ is not easy and you can waste a lot of time in a blind search when you have the solution to your reach in a simpler but very flattering dress.


Advantages of opting for a simple dress:

  • You can reuse it again at another event or occasion just changing accessories.
  • If you already have one dress at home that could work, you’ll save money that you can invest in accessories that make the difference.
  • It is much less likely to find a guest wearing something similar.
  • The dress will bring the point of sobriety to the outfit, so you can opt for flashy accessories without the risk of going overdone.

Wedding Guest with a Simple Dress

For us to go with a simple dress is just as valid to go to one party dress, just pay attention to fabric, cut, color but mostly to accessories. If you find the perfect complements you will shine in the event without having set foot in a party clothing store.

It is important to understand that the accessories will give you the festive touch that you need. So look for original accessories, with personality and in flashy or metallic colors if you do not want to go too classy.

We wanted to show you some examples of how some good accessories can give life to a simple dress and in ESPRIT we found the ideal dresses. Well-cut, with good fabric and beautiful colors for a summer wedding.






What do you think of our examples? The dresses and shoes are from Esprit, handbags from Parfois and headdressesfrom Janet&Schulz. Any favourite?

Did you ever thinking of wearing the same dress to a wedding but with different accessories? Or you always end up buying a new one?

Asesora de imagen personal en Vigo.

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  1. Nshantel by Tamara at 07:38

    totalmente de acuerdo, muchas veces buscamos vestidos pomposos que luego no los volvemos a poner
    un beso

    • Patri Author at 11:10

      Claro Tamara, con un vestido más sencillo y los complementos adecuados puedes ir guapa sin necesidad de optar por un vestido de fiesta. La opción está ahí sobre todo para la gente que no quiere complicarse buscando o tiene varias bodas y no puede permitirse comprase algo nuevo para todos.

      Un beso

  2. ANA GARROTE at 13:26

    Me encantan todas las propuestas, porque adoro la sencillez! Felicidades a Yael!!

    • Patri Author at 09:13

      ¡Gracias Ana, se las daré de tu parte!

      Nos alegra que te gusten los ejemplos de outfit que preparamos. ¡Besitos!

    • Patri Author at 09:21

      Yo reconozco que depende de lo importante que sea la boda para mí 😉 .Pero es una opción tan buena como la de llevar un vestido o mono de fiesta.

      Besitos guapa

  3. Patricia Ma Sanchez Ruiz at 12:30

    unas elecciones fantásticas, me encantan!
    Te espero por mi nuevo post bonita, un beso!

    • Patri Author at 18:56

      ¡Gracias Mar! A nosotras también. Saber dar con los accesorios ideales nos parece un arte a admirar.

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