Jamie Chung Style

Jamie Chung Style

Some of you might know her, some of you don’t, but the fact is that this Korean beauty is appearing among the best dressed of the red carpet lately. And eager to resume the posts where we remark the good style of famous stars, as an example to follow, I would like to introduce you the style of Jamie Chung
We’d be lying if we told you that being skinny does not make it easier when it comes to choosing clothes that suits her, but apart from that, her looks denote that she knows what she does:

The actress knows that bright colors look great with her tanned skin. So if you are suntanned don’t think just about black and white, and try with bright colors that will bring much more light.


Extremely important to be aware of where we attend to pick the right outfit. Jamie Chung for her good figure could opt for short and low-cut dresses, but she knows how to adapt perfectly to a more formal label if the occasion demands. And she gets to be just as radiant and glamorous with looks like this:


On the red carpet, as in most of his looks, it highlights the austerity on accessories. She choose long dresses with opening leg, that gives the visual effect of being taller and keeps it elegant and sensual.


She loves the striped pattern trend and knows perfectly how to adapt it to any style.



She mixed sweet garments with garments with a rocker & rebel touch. As the white midi skirt with the studded biker jacket, at the picture below. This contrast combinations never fail.




At festivals and in her day to day she chooses more casual looks.


 HER BLOGWhat the Chung?

Yes, she has a blog! I discovered it by accident looking for photos for this post. This is a sample of what you could find in in it. Her looks with high photo quality and a closer way to get to know her.

Conclusion: Know how to wear many styles and know what to wear according to the occasion is an art that few people have. And if you add to that, that you know what suits you according to your figure, height, skin tone and hair can only lead to one conclusion: All looks that she wears will be a hit or an intentional mistake. So do not lose sight of this girl.

Get Inspired: With how she frames her waist in her lady looks and how she brings the touch of color with bright shoes. She use just a few accessories and her looks work equally well, makes you wonder right?

¿What do you think about her style? Did you know her blog?
Do you like this tipe of posts?

Asesora de imagen personal en Vigo.

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  1. Marta at 18:55

    Hola: me gusta el estilo de esta chica. Además es muy estilosa. No conocía su blog pero sí vi fotos de sus estilismos en otros blogs.

  2. Cília CC at 20:54

    No me suena de nada como actriz, aun así, creo que viste muy bien, me gusta más su estilo informal que el formal!

  3. Lu! at 22:20

    No sabía que tenía un blog! La vi en Once Upon a Time, me sonaba muchísimo y recordé que era de la serie! 🙂 Sin duda su estilo es impecable, correcta en cualquier ocasión! 🙂
    Muchos besos chicas!

    Lucia Gallego Blog

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