Flushed jeans

Flushed jeans

Well, the fashions bring me along the path of bitterness 🙂 The deflected jeans are trend and I have the need to have them in my closet. Mission complete. The round glasses with retro air will contribute to my looks the most biased touch. And if above they have as detail the military print even better. Mine are Ray Ban and you can find them in this web: www.gafasworld.es

Lately I’ve surprised myself with my styling changes. I’m a fan of lady style, but I love the casual looks. I think that over the years my looks have become much more versatile. Is it the same thing? I think we get older, and as we define our style we also open our range of possibilities in terms of fashion.

Flushed jeans

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Jeans: Zara

Shirt: Zara

Glasses: Ray Ban (here)

Handbag: Vintage

Sandals: Zara

What do you think the look? Do you like glasses of this style?

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  1. Begolofu at 08:40

    Pues creo que debes salirte mas veces de tu zona de confort porque te sienta realmente bien. Yo me he desflecado unos jeans viejitos y aunque me ha llevado su tiempo han quedado fenomenal, y es otra opción si no se quiere invertir en tendencias.Besos. Me encanta el look de hoy Yael.

  2. elenalovesthis at 10:58

    Me encanta el look!!! estás guapísima, tengo un montón de ganas de un vaquero blanco para verano!! y la combinación con verde y dorado queda de lujo!! besos linda!!

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