Green woollen pullover

Green woollen pullover

This winter has given I wanted to renew my sweaters, I’ll be honest, not that I had many. I’ve never been a person sensitive to cold, putting on very thick clothes was never very comfortable for me. I felt overwhelmed and I continue to feel overwhelmed easily when in winter I enter in places with high heating. I always preferred to put on many thin layers, because it gave me the freedom to be able to take all the clothes off and stay in a t-shirt or not to take off any clothes if it’s very cold. I always wore a short-sleeved t-shirt or a thin sweater, a blazer, a coat and a maxi scarf. I almost dressed the same in summer as in winter. I do not know if it is because the colorful sweaters are more fashionable than ever but this season I bought a few more sweaters. This green jumper in particular, has been a gift from Christmas.

I think green is one of the most flattering colors to me. Of those colors that without understanding very well why bring a different light to the face. But this type of green is not easy to find and more difficult in winter and in warm clothes. So this year when I saw that in several stores there were sweaters of these colors I did not hesitate to write it down in my wishlist. And Papa Noel listened to my wishes 🙂 . I wear it today combining it with blazer and white heels, with jewel earrings as a chic look touch and a wooden handbag as a rustic touch.

Green Woollen Pullover

Jersey verde de ochos de Mango

jersey verder mango, bolso madera Zara

Jersey verde combinado con blazer blanca

Jersey verde, zapatos blancos. Blog de Moda. Siempre Hay Algo Que Ponerse

Blog de moda en Galicia. Siempre Hay Algo Que Ponerse

Americana blanca de Zara y jersey verde de ochos de Mango

Jersey de ochos. Vaqueros y tacones blancos.

Jersey verde. Ramo maíz. Pendientes joya de Mango

¿Qué os ha parecido el jersey? ¿Soléis ir muy tapadas o os gusta llevar más capas pero se os hace un engorro llevar prendas gruesas?

Asesora de imagen personal en Vigo.

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  1. candiescloset at 17:17

    A mí este año también me ha dado fuerte con los jerséis. El tuyo tiene un tono de verde muy favorecedor. Un besito!

  2. Ana at 16:04

    Hola guapa! El jersey verde es muy bonito, y es verdad que te sienta muy bien.
    Yo este año he añadido más chaquetas y abrigos a mi colección, pero el año que viene tengo que renovar los jerséis sin falta, bueno, más que renovar añadir algunos más gorditos, que casi todos los que tengo son los lisos básicos y finitos jeje

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