The importance of accessories – Watch

The importance of accessories – Watch

Having a very personal and refined style, is the goal that all fashion lover wants to reach. Finding the key to a style that fits you perfectly requires several things. A constant search for inspiration, to try on, make mistakes and learn from them, to follow your instinct and above all to acquire good clothes and accessories like a watch. In the blog we always emphasize the importance of having a good wardrobe background. It is the base from which to build a great style. We need to have basic, simple and easily combinable clothes with which to feel comfortable and ourselves. With that we gain security when it comes to dressing and feeling confident with what you wear is having ‘style’. If we also invest in quality pieces we gain ‘elegance’. And if we add garments and accessories with a lot of charisma with which we can impregnate our outfits with ‘personality’ then we get the look 10.

Accessories may not be the base but they are the icing on the cake, that extra that it’s necessary to reach the perfect outfit. Give them the importance they deserve. One of the accessories that we like the most besides sunglasses, or hats are watches.

The importance of a Watch

Watches bring sophistication to any look and denote great care for details. In a world where mobile phones are our main means of seeing the time, watches have gone from being a necessity to being a declaration of style and personality. They add to whom wears them a touch of mystery and a nostalgic point. Perhaps that is why the great trend of the moment are watches with retro designs.

If you are looking for inspiration here you have twelve watches that can be added to your wishlist or give this Christmas to someone special. All the proposals, among which are the guess woman watches, have a classic, simple and chic design. They are perfect to fit both day and night looks.












If you want to enrich your way of dressing, a watch is without a doubt, the ideal bet in which it is worth investing.

Do you use watch? If so, tell us what your favorite brands are.

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