Christmas parties are here. What do I wear?

Christmas parties are here. What do I wear?

At this point we all are thinking about what we are going to wear for Christmas Eve dinner or the last night of the year. Not to mention the dinners with friends, office dinners and other events that are played throughout the month of December. That’s why we bring you a very inspiring post. We want to give you millions of ideas on what to wear at parties without dying in the attempt. And we do not just talk about acquiring new clothes, but to optimize the clothes we have. Because sometimes in a hurry, we make mistakes and buy the first thing that we see.

What do I wear?

Propuestas de Zara. Qué me pongo estas fiestas

ZARA 12345

que me pongo estas fiestas- ideas zara

ZARA 678910

We love the different proposals that Zara show us. From culotte shorts with sequins to a fringed jumpsuit. Our favorite proposal is the sequined skirt with a side opening. A garment that we could wear again in a formal event during the summer.

que me pongo estas fiestas-propuestas-bershka


que me pongo estas fiestas-propuestas bershka party

5 – 6 – 7 – 8 BERSHKA

Bershka wants us to put on any garment that has a crossed over v-neck. The velvet dress is a great option. Combine it with plumetti stockings and jewel earrings with a lot of sparkle.

looks-fiestas-propuestas mango

MANGO 12 – 3 – 4

Propuestas para estas fiestas navideñas de Mango

MANGO 5678

Everywhere you look there is velvet. Is present in all the festive collections of the lowcost brands. Our favorite dress from Mango is undoubtedly the dress in yellow. With a garment like you will not need anything else.

Propuestas de Navidad, looks de Asos

ASOS 123 – 4

¿Qué ponerse estas navidades? Vestidos de Asos

ASOS 5678


In Asos we also found options with sequins, velvet and many cross-cut dresses. If you have a rebellious soul and want to eclipse the party you will love they tight-fitting mesh-effect dress made of metal studs. And if you’re all sweet hearted, they black-velvet dress is be perfect for you.

propuestas de H&M para estas fiestas

H&M 1234

Looks de fiesta para navidades 2017. H&M

H&M 5678

One of the colors that attracts us most this year is dark green. Elegant both in fabrics such as velvet and lace, as the one proposed by H&M. Maybe it’s the least seen elegant color every year. So if you want to differentiate yourself at the party, why not go with this color?

¿Qué me pongo estas fiestas? Propuestas de Topshop

TOPSHOP 123 – 4

Topshop, sus looks de fiesta. Navidad 2017

56 – 7 – 8  TOPSHOP

After all these shopping recommendations this is our advice for when it comes to making your look for these holidays. If you have something that you think that with giving it a spin you can wear it differently it would be perfect. But if it is not the case, look for some garment a little more special that you could wear on another occasion. We think of a tuxedo or velvet jacket suit. You can combine both garments separately to create more casual looks.

Do you already have your party look?

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