Summer looks

Summer looks

We are willing for August to arrive, because this year the SHAQP girls go on vacation together. We have to rack our brains to choose ideal looks for 5 days and it is not an easy task. It’s even difficult if you always carry a lot of ‘just in case’ in your suitcase. If we add to that, that we will make some purchases in our destination … the thing gets complicated. It is best to opt for versatile garments that you can wear to the beach or to a dinner just with a change of accessories.

The sales start in less than a week and we want to take advantage to buy some sunglasses. This summer we have not yet done any purchase. We like to buy the sunglasses online because you can find very good discounts on sunglasses that are on trend. We are both myopic, we need to protect our view from the sun. We are thinking about buying glasses online, have you ever bought them this way? They are much cheaper and that gives you the option to have several pairs and not get tired of always carrying the same ones.

Returning to the holidays, we leave you 5 looks that we believe we can not miss in our suitcase:

Denim Skirt

A perfect garment. It combines with everything and has the same versatility as the jeans. By day put it on the bathing suit with flip-flops with a bright color, a pamela and sunglasses. At night, wear it with a pair of high heels and a colorful blouse that shows off your shoulders. A youthful and very flattering look.






White T-shirt


A timeless basic that always saves us and we can not miss in our suitcase. For the day, wear it as a dress. We repeat sandals in an eye-catching color, a basket, make a bun and tie a bow over it. How perfect!

For the night, repeat denim skirt, with wooden sandals, maxi-earrings (the accessory on trend) and a handbag.

camisa blanca-looks-verano-2017





Cropped overall


The overalls are very flattering and easy to combine. We opted for the black color to avoid complications. By the day you can wear it with the bikini underneath or with a croptop. Pamela to protect us from the sun and go!

At night, with flats with something special and a white shirt rolled up. Repeat maxi-earrings and handbag.






Floral dress

Who has not had one or has one in their closet? They combine with everything. Choose to combine it with neutral clothes for both day and night.







For us it is a very comfortable garment with which we feel very comfortable. If you dare, wear it with a crop top. Try to wear it with some heels, it will make you look more stylized. By day wear it with wooden sandals.





How do you organize yourself when you have to travel and can only carry one suitcase? We try to wear garments that combine with each other in all summer looks.

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  1. Mavi Trapos at 12:37

    Qué psot más práctico! yo la verdad es que lleno mi maleta de “por si acasos” que luego la verdad es que no uso la mitad aunque he de confesar que para mi último viaje, el de china, lo aproveche todo! Un besazo enorme y la primera foto es preciosa!

  2. Elena Fernández at 16:40

    Qué post tan útil! gracias chicas.
    Yo que vivo haciendo maleta dos semanas al mes lo que hago es poner cosas que combinen entre ellas así meto menos ropa…lo que no hago es una misma prenda día y noche cambiando los complementos, que buena idea!

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