Christmas party look men 2015

Christmas party look men 2015

Men party looks

We know that the line of being well dressed or baddly dressed is very thin. That is why like every year, in addition to inspiration, we give you some tips. We assure you that following them the chances of failure will of %.

It is important to prepare with time what will you be wearing. Start reviewing the party clothes you have in your closet to decide what do you want to repeat, to think in new combinations, in which you could add modernity or to provide new options. You can give your testing again laziness but because the clothes you are likely to remain large or tight, and that in a year can change a lot :). And assure that all use what you think is clean and well ironed. Thus you will evitaréis scares and breaking careers.



Our advice is to centréis hit your efforts in the suit, which has good workmanship, it is of your class and you feel good. The end of the pad should fit perfectly with the fall of your shoulder. Nothing too wide leg pants if you want paracer a gentleman and care with long sleeves and pants low, it may seem to you less but what is vital. Having a low of trousers with folds over the shoe you shorten the leg, you will subtract ancheará visually and elegance.


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El largo del pantalón, aunque ahora también se lleva tobillero, debe caer ligeramente sobre el comienzo del zapato y la camisa debe sobresalir del puño de la chaqueta uno o dos dedos. No cometáis el error de llevar un traje que no os favorece sólo por ahorrar. El traje es la prenda masculina por excelencia, hecho para realzar la silueta masculina. Invertir en un traje slim fit entallado, coserse los bajos y meterse las mangas con una modista os asegurará el éxito.



Color and Patterns

In addition to the classic black, colors like midnight blue and different shades of gray are trend this season. The velvet is still listed as one of the most formal and elegant choices and if we talk about the checkered patterns wins hands down.



Combine a velvet blazer with a smooth piece of another tissue to balance the look giving sobriety. And the brave diferenciaros optéis by a checkered pattern choose a simple combination with plain white or blue shirt and tie without pattern or with one subtle but very well cederéis prominence to the suit without overloading the outfit.




The tie, shoes, scarf or watch accessories can help make a difference especially if you wear a sober suit.


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If you opt to choose a narrow tie shovel because it is more youthful and accentuate your figure. And if you opt for bow choose a small or medium size. In both cases choose different but not too bright colors, remember that the intention is to look like a gentleman, elegance is in sobriety.


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Christmas is not only the end of the year, are dinners with friends, business dinners and etc. So also prepare combinations for less formal occasions. A turtleneck sweater or a knitted sweater over his shirt without a tie and smart choices are not as formal.


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 En las opciones más casual combinar americana con vaqueros está permitido. Y en calzado botines, oxfords o incluso deportivas. la clave es mantener la línea clásica sea en la blazer o en los pantalones.


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What do you think of our party man looks for this 2015?

Boys, we hope haberos inspired and girls if you like our advice do not hesitate to share it with your men.

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      Seguro que va muy mono estas fiestas 😉

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