Make up experience with Ana Albiol

Make up experience with Ana Albiol

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to be able to attend one of the Make up experiences with Ana Albiol in Coruña. And yes, I say good luck because at first I ran out of space. But the stars lined up in my favor and I entered as a reserve. Undoubtedly one of the fantastic experiences that I take from the year 2017. For those who do not know Ana Albiol is a professional makeup artist who now lives in Valencia and is pure inspiration for people who like makeup. And the truth is that there are a lot of professional make-up artists who teach courses and that surely they are real geniuses. But she has something special. I started to follow in networks several years ago, at first because of the tricks I gave and the rewies I was doing. Little by little his personality was winning. It will seem silly, but there are people who are able to cross screens. And when I met her in person, I knew that I was .

Make up experience with Ana Albiol

Before attending the course they send you an interview in which they ask you what do you expect from the course, daily routine, the part you like most about your face. The day of the course you arrive and introduce yourself. You make a summary of what you said in the questionnaire. A detail that I loved was that we were only four girls and that we were facing each other. Ana did an exercise in which we had to write down two things that we would like from the faces of our compañeras. The truth is that it was a discovery to see that people who just met you like things about you that you hate!

aprende a maquillarte make up experience con ana albiol

What has differentiated this course from many others that I have done is that you start with your daily routine and skin care. One of my pending subjects. I discovered that because I have oily skin I just have to focus on using oil-free products. My skin also needs hydration and water. He recommended a dry oil and vary a couple of products per week at night. The change has been amazing, and that I still have not changed all my products. I’m going to finish what I have first, alternating them with the new additions.

For me it was a revelation to learn to seal the base and that I do not get shine during the day. It ended up using only matte and powder makeup. Using two products in cream and one in powder would be the key. Learning to make a defined lip and a perfect eyeliner will take me more time. But nothing that can not be achieved with much practice 🙂
If you can do any of their classroom courses, do not think about it. You will not regret it. But the online auto makeup course is also very good. Explain step by step each part of the makeup and gives a lot of tips that come great in our day.

Did you know Ana Albiol? What did you think of the course?

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  1. Marta at 16:15

    Holaaa yo tuve la suerte de poder asistir tambien!!, y digo como tu suerte porque mi plaza se compro dos veces y finalmente pude asistir. Recorri mas de 300 km para conocerla ya que era mi unica opcion y como tu opino que es una experiencia genial. Yo sabia que esa mujer tenia algo especial, pero pude comprobarlo cuando la conoci. Esa energia que desprende y la manera con la que disfruta con su trabajo la hacen diferente y ademas esque hace que te apasiones!!

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