Facial care and makeup

Facial care and makeup

With the passage of the years it is necessary to take care of the skin. Before, I only worried about buying a good makeup without stopping to clean the skin or try to improve its condition. Now I follow a fairly strict skin cleaning. Morning and evening cleaning with exfoliation and a mask once a week. I have mixed skin, with very fatty T-zone and very open pore. So I need to regulate it and be very insistent. We do not usually do beauty post but I wanted to share with you my facial care and make-up routines that I use the best.

Facial care and makeup

Avene products have become a discovery for me! I started with a miniature of thermal water and little by little I have been filling my suitcase with its cleaner and micellar water. Micellar water! I do not know how I could remove my face with the hateful wipes. They made my skin very tight and I always needed to wash my face several times. Now I demaquillo with micellar water and then I apply the cleaning gel with the “foreo” of Lidl 🙂 Kielhs recently started to be part of my life, but it seems that it has arrived to stay.

Regarding bases, my favorite is the one of Kanebo or the one of Mac. If you know some other that is covering and does not bring shine to tell me! For day to day I apply the base with the beauty blender, for special occasions brush shot. The corrector is Chanel, I like it to be liquid and easy to apply. It’s coming to an end, but I think I’ll repeat.



Years ago I did not even think of using a palette of shadows … and now I do not imagine makeup without it. I love how they light up my eyes and are able to create a very natural look. The eyelashes I like potent and thick, so I usually use the prebase of Urban Decay, Subversion 100% recommended if you like this effect.


2016 has been a year of discoveries as far as makeup is concerned. A friend recommended the powder effect Chanel good face and believe me if I tell you that I am not able to go out without them. The rouge of Nars I met thanks to one of my favorite bloggers makeup Ana Albiol. If you know her do not hesitate to follow her! It is a love and recommends great products.


Lipstick. They have to be 100% moisturizing, since my lips peel all the time. For now the ones that hydrate me most are those of Nars. Which ones do you use?
What do you think of the post? Any advice you give me will be well received 🙂

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  1. Raquel Sainza at 13:31

    Ay, cómo te comprendo Yael! Yo estoy igual con lo de cuidarme la piel, antes nada y ahora cada producto que sale me fijo en sí me vendría bien o no, jejeje. Me gustan muchos de los que has enseñado y el foreo…tengo muchas curiosidad por probarlo.
    Un beso,

    Siempre unos zapatos negros

  2. Sugar Lane at 22:42

    Gracias por las recomendaciones!
    Yo para cuidar la piel bebo muchísima agua, duermo sobre una almohada de seda y me desmaquillo con agua micelar.
    Maquillaje utilizo poquito; kajal de maybelline y rouge allure de chanel para los labios,
    un besito,

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