Mix prints

Mix prints

We are taking great pleasure in the sessions together. These are moments we spent together and we took the opportunity to take photos for the blog. Before, it was more complicated because it seemed difficult for our looks to get stuck if they did not have a common pattern. On this occasion we have encouraged to mix prints that have nothing to do but have common colors.
If there is one thing that has fashion, it helps you show your style. It is amazing how the same garment can be combined in different ways depending on the person who wears it. We are totally against the typical cliché that says that fashion is superficial. What we wear defines us and says a lot about us.

Mix prints

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Patri Americana: Zara, Bag: Zara, Moccasins H & M, Vintage Beret, Jeans: Zara
Yael: Zara Dress, Uterqüe Botines, H & M Bag, Earrings: Mango
What do you think about loosk? Do you think they draw together?

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