Stripes jumpsuit

Stripes jumpsuit

It happens with many clothes that make me mad and I create a need, I need comprármelas and until I get it do not stop. This is what happened to me with this jumpsuit Mango stripes, I saw on the web, and when I wanted to buy was exhausted and did not appear anywhere. Luckily I was lucky and I finally got the monkey. I would’ve put a lot, you have seen by my social networks, super cool, comfortable and trendy. What more could you ask for? Well, yes, you can ask to be a little more flattering, because now I see it in the pictures and I see all less favored.

You have seen the bag and shoes in other looks for the blog. Both Patri as I love to combine one bag of thousands forms. Be amortized purchases, which are then passed fashion and become obsolete in our closet.

Stripes jumpsuit

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Jumpsuit: Mango

Sandals: Zara

Bag: Oysho

Bracelet: H & M

What do you think of the look? Do you has been the same with a garment?

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  1. rinconcreacion at 10:58

    El corte del mono con el volante me encanta y las rayas perfectas. Muy bonito y te sienta genial


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