Mustard – How to add it to your looks

Mustard – How to add it to your looks

The mustard color has always been present to a greater or lesser extent in the autumn / winter season. But this year it has been seen more than usual and we, fans of adding a touch of color to our looks, we let ourselves fall in love for their wormy feeling. Yael has chosen to add it in his wardrobe with an accessory. A heels from Zara. And me with an oversize wool sweater by Sfera. We leave the direct links at the end of the post.

Combining this color with brown or green tones, is perhaps the most logical option but also looks great with whites and blacks. Proof of this are the looks we show you today. Don’t you think?










Patri: Sweater Sfera, trousers and loafers Zara and handbag PG

Yael: Heels, trousers & sweater Zara and vintage beret.


Do you like Mustard? How do you combine this color in your looks?

Asesora de imagen personal en Vigo.

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