Gingham Trousers

Gingham Trousers

My thing with this pants I show you in today’s look was love at first sight. You know by our post Spring/Summer 2017 Trends that the gingham print it’s now all over garments and accessories. It is certainly one of my favorite trends of the season. I have a skirt with this print that I bought this season at H&M, here I leave you the link to the look I shared at the time. I already told you in that post that surely I would repeat with more clothes with that print and so it happen. As soon as I saw these trousers with gingham print from zara I knew that I had to take it home. I liked its originality by the black in white print and by the lateral flounce.It has the perfect cut and fits great.

The truth is that I always wear the most eye-catching garments in top parts and create my looks from them. Now I appreciate having also a trouser as the main piece to form the outfit. I have already combined these pants with garments whithout any prints and in black and white. I have also combined it with t-shirts with message in gray for example and even with soft pink. But the combination that I liked and I find the most fun is this: Stripes and checkered print.

As we have explained in this post on how to mix patterns, combining two prints has its difficulty, but once you know the rules that you should not break you could take your looks to another level. In this case, I wear different patterns but with the same colors and similar size, so it the mix work. I added earrings in silver, denim jacket and a yellow clutch as a touch of color.

Gingham Trousers

Pantalón con cuadro vichy de zara con volante lateral

Cuadros y rayas. Outfit pantalón con cuadro vichy. Blog de moda gallego

Pendientes de aro de Mango en look con pantalón con cuadro vichy

Gafas de sol Ray-Ban Clubmaster con pantalón con cuadro vichy

Pantalón con cuadro vichy y volante lateral de Zara

Combinar estampados. Rayas con Cuadros. Pantalón con cuadro vichy

Look con pantalón con cuadro vichy de zara y cazadora denim. Blog de moda en Vigo

Gingham trousers  ZARA

Clutch  Lacambra

Denim jacket  ZARA

Earrings Mango

Would you combine prints like this? Do you like garments with gingham print?

Asesora de imagen personal en Vigo.

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  1. Raquel Sainza at 14:51

    Me encanta como quedan los cuadros vichy con las rayas. Me gusta mucho ?

    Siempre unos zapatos negros

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