Checkered trousers

Checkered trousers

How are your week girls? Mine has been a bit stressful, but it is over and we are nowhere for the weekend. Today I show you a comfy look and a lot of fun. It’s been a while since I showed my black leather jacket around here, it’s weird, because it’s one of the clothes I’m most comfortable with. This time I combine it with a printed shirt, checkered trousers, white sports shoes and a two-tone bag. The hat brings the cool touch to the look Do not you think? Whenever I feel that my outfit needs an extra I think about an accessory, a hat, some striking earrings or a colored bag and it always works.

Checkered trousers

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What do you think of the look? Do you like printed trousers?

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  1. Rizog at 03:35

    La cartera y la cazadora van de la mano. Añadir más accesorios a ese Look lo sobrecargaría demasiado. Pero me gustado la combinación de formas que has hecho. Me gustaría probarla pero con otros tonos. Quizás con alguno tono más rosado en la camiseta.

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