Polka dot Pants

Polka dot Pants

Hello! Today I show you a look that I wear of me day by day in a navy blue key. I wear a round lapel blazer, white t-shirt, sports and polka-dot trousers. I love this type of outfits because they are the ones which I feel most reflected on. They are also very versatile, I can take it to work and at night change it for a pair of heels and a smaller handbag to go out to dinner.

This pants are one of my last purchases. This type of pants are super flattering. I loved the mix of polka dots with vertical stripes on the side bands of the pants. The prints turn a simple trousers into a garment with more personality. Don’t you think?

Polka dot Pants

Pantalón lunares con banda lateral rayas. Zara

Pantalón lunares y tenis blancos

Siempre hay Algo Que Ponerse un Blog de Moda Vigo

Bolso Uterqüe bicolor y gafas de sol espejo. Blog de moda Pontevedra

Americana azul de doble botonadura.

Americana esmoquin Zara. Asesoría de Imagen Vigo

Pantalón lunares azul marino. Blog moda Pontevedra

Handbag Uterqüe

Trainers Converse

Pants Zara

Do you like the pants? Do you think that the polka dots are elegant like I do?

Asesora de imagen personal en Vigo.

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  1. candiescloset at 16:08

    Esta temporada tengo fijación por los lunares, así que te puedes imaginar que esos pantalones me encantan! Un besito 🙂

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