Red Earringd

Red Earringd

It took a lot of effort to find these red earrings. But it worths the effort to look for a garment or accessory if it is so good. I’m super happy with them because the bright color contrasts perfectly with my dark hair. Do not they look very flattering? I can not deny it, at this moment I am crazy about big and original earrings. Now I remember as a distant time when I was crazy about the short necklaces. In fact until a while ago I did not wear earrings almost never. I can not explain why to you, I simply considered a comfort not to wear them. I used to wear a lot of short necklaces so wear earrings too was excessive. Now I do just the opposite, I have a lot of earrings and only a few necklaces. But I keep on the same line of ‘less is more’ and I have clear that one flashy accessory it’s enough.

In this look I combine them with one of my last purchases, a t-shirt inspired by the one from Gucci. It is from Mekkdes, a brand created by a designer from my city, Patricia Ferreira, that has a very modern and trendy designs. I added my favorite vintage jeans, white shoes and a masculine blazer. The result is an outfit where you mix the casual with the classic. My favorite combo.

Red Earrings

Camiseta GIRLS de Mekkdes, inspiración camiseta Gucci. Pendientes rojos de flecos de H&M. Blazer oversized Zara.

Pendientes rojos de flecos de H&M, camiseta GIRLS de Mekkdes.

Camiseta blanca Mekkdes, pendientes rojos flecos de H&M, vaqueros vintage y tacones blancos Zara

Tacones blancos de piel y jeans vintage

Blazer oversized de Zara, camiseta blanca de Mekkdes y pendientes rojos de H&M

Siempre Hay Algo Que Ponerse, blog de moda. Outfit con pendientes rojos de H&M, camiseta Mekkdes y tacones Zara

Blog de moda de VIgo, blazer oversized Zara, camiseta Mekkdes, mom jeans y salones blancos

Blazer masculina de Zara, camiseta GIRLS de MEKKDES, pendientes rojos

Earrings H&M

T-Shirt Mekkdes

Heels Zara

Handbag Fun&Basics

What do you think of this look? Are you into big earrings too?

Asesora de imagen personal en Vigo.

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