Wedding preparations

Wedding preparations

I had thought to do a post about the wedding and all the preparations and my experience before the Wedding day. At the end I’m doing it just a few weeks before the wedding and with a lot of things unclosed. I’ll be very honest with you and there will be things that you won’t agreed with me. If I had to define this whole year and a half of preparations in a word it would be surprise. And not only good but also bad surprises. Nothing was as I had imagined, perhaps I put too many expectations in this process or have seen too many American movies with happy endings. I’ll explain you a little how we are planing it:

Wedding preparations

First we focus on the selection of the location. We wanted a place outdoors, with gardens. We visited a lot of restaurants, pazos, mansions… But we  choose the first one we saw. We fell in love from the first minute, after that no place was up to. You could say it was love at first sight. Many of you already know where if you follow me on social networks. But I’ll leave it in the air for the next post. After making the appropriate numbers to see if it was in our budget we closed one of the main points. The place of our wedding. It has not yet passed the day, but we are super happy with the choice we made.


I thought it would be easier to find my wedding dress, that it would be love at first sight. Nothing more further from the truth. I love lace, embroidery, romantic and bucolic dresses that flooded my folder options in wedding inspiration. The first dress I tried was the one that I bought, but to realize that was my dress I had to prove many others before. I thought: “I just began and I love it, I’m sure this will be increasing”. But the more dresses I tried the more I liked the first one. Simple, no tulle or embroidery or lace… I would love to do it tailored, but the budget did not let me and I did not have enough time to travel to Madrid. If I could have done it would be in Vigo with INuñez and in Madrid with Beba’s Closet.



I haven’t show you anything about the graphic design of the wedding. But it is something in which we are doing great emphasis paying lots of attention to the details. We want our wedding has a theme and a strong inspiration, it is true that we are having a special help (in the next post about the wedding I’ll tell you about it) and that’s why it has being easier to get what we want. Our creative designer knows us perfectly and has hit the nail with everything we’ve asked him for.


There was an issue that got me out more tears than I’d like to tell. The search of the shoes was very difficult. Patri and I spent a few months of research at stores and webs without any result. I did not mind wearing white shoes, but was not willing to spend a lot of money in a pair shoes to wear just one day. We started looking shoes at all possible options from low cost stores to big brands. I’m not used to walk in heels and that day more than ever I need to feel comfortable. My salvation came from the hand of Net-at-porter, they are not the typical bridal shoes but they are 100% my style and I’ll wear them on countless occasions.


The gifts to the guests on the wedding day. We wanted to do something special and set out to make us all hand made buy us but we are still working on them and we have not finished yet. Now we are hoping that our friends and family love it, because it will give us a downer. We have spent a lot of work on it and we do not know if they will like it.


What do you think? Do you think the wedding is idealized?

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  1. Ana at 17:09

    Yo también creo que las películas tienen mucha culpa… Mi hermana se casa en noviembre y también se ha encontrado con muchos problemas, así que te entiendo a la perfección, pero ánimo, que es un momento único e irrepetible y seguro que todo sale bien.


  2. Patricia – Brunette Ambition at 18:10

    Las películas nos hacen mucho daño, nos crean necesidades! Yo tengo muchas cosas en mente para un futuro pero sé que al final haré todo lo contrario porque suele pasar, piensas y al final hace algo totalmente diferente. Me ha encantado leerte, seguro que estás ya contando hasta las horas.

    Mil besos! xx

  3. Iria Pita at 21:00

    Pienso igual que tú en el tema zapatos! 😉 Espero que haya salido todo genial y los detalles hayan encantado! Ya nos contarás más detalles del gran día! Besos :*

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