What do I wear this Christmas?

What do I wear this Christmas?

How we enjoy doing these post! I do not like to dive around the web looking for ideas / inspiration / shopping for these dates. To all we are presented with some food, dinner, family reunion that requires a more festive style and although to lovers of shopping any excuse we think good to buy you have to keep a cool head 🙂 We always have the same question? What do I wear this Christmas? We leave a little review for the low cost stores:

What do I wear this Christmas?

que-me-pongo-estas-navidades-lookbook-zara lookbook-fiesta-zara-que-me-pongo-estas-navidades

From Zara’s proposals we love it all! The truth is that we are both very “czareras” from the suit in an American tuxedo to the sequined dress with booties of brightness. Its lookbook, though full of brightness has a light touch that is perfect for these holidays.


From Bershka we choose the green culotte, looks like having a great fall. Combined with black salons, white shirt and lingerie bra in plain sight we look like a perfect combo.



From Mango we captive the double buttoned suit in champagne color and the monkey in green velvet. To the monkey we would cover the rubber of the waist with a belt in gold or silver. If you have a mono silk scarf you can wear it to belt mode.

que-me-pongo-estas-navidades-lookbook-fiesta-pullandbear lookbook-fiesta-pullandbear-que-me-pongo-estas-navidades lookbook-fiesta-topshop-que-me-pongo-estas-navidades

The passage of time has made that when buying a garment we give more turns and ask several questions before deciding whether to take it home: With what clothes I have in the closet can I combine? Do I really like it? How many times will I wear it? Is it worth it? When it comes to festive clothing you have to give a twist to older. They are usually garments that are limited to more special occasions and are more difficult to include in our day to day. That is why our advice is to reuse festive garments that you already have with seasonal accessories (some choker, velvet shoes, metallic clucth …), if you have nothing that can be adapted, invest in a black velvet American with some top draper.
What did you think the post? Do you have in mind the looks for these dates?

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  1. Iria Pita at 12:53

    Yo me cogí para fin de año un body de brillos de manga larga y cuello alto para combinar con un vestido básico negro de terciopelo por encima. Besos!

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