Daily routine

Daily routine

Neither Patri nor I are specialists in makeup or skin care, but over the years we have been gaining knowledge and learning to take better care of our skin. As we mentioned in this post about facial care and makeup, cleaning is the basis of this great pyramid. And maybe it’s what we give the least importance to. It is useless to use the best makeup if our skin is not ready. But let’s start at the beginning.

Almost a year ago I attended one of the make up Experience that Ana Albiol taught throughout Spain. And for me it was a revelation, as I told you in the post, it was a before and after. It is not that now I am a guru of facial care but I think that above all we have to listen to our skin. Mine is fat. I used to think that I could only use products that are oil-free and very astringent. Error! All skins need hydration from the driest to the most oily. This has been the first change in my daily routine. Introduce more moisturizing products and oils, who was going to tell me a year ago that my skin would be so good.

Daily routine

Daily skin care

As soon as I get up, I wash my face with a cleanser, apply a one minute massage and then clarify. I like to alternate the cleaning of my skin every morning, some days I do a massage with my hands and others I use a cleaning device. We love rotating facial cleansers help remove impurities from the skin. I have one that buys me in Silk’n that is going great for me. Then I apply the tonic, another great forgotten in the daily routine. The tonic prepares the skin so that everything we are going to put on afterwards is better received. Then I apply the eye contour, serum and a moisturizer with protection factor. I emphasize protection because it is one of the most important things that our cream should contain. In our day to day we are exposed even if it is winter and cloudy. My cream has a protection factor of +50 although I am dark skinned. After my little ritual, I make up naturally and ready.

rutina diaria mascarilla cuidado diario de la piel


Night facial routine

Night comes and we put on make-up we are in the obligation to remove makeup. I know it’s one of the things that makes you lazy but if you turn it into a habit you can not live without it. Since micellar water has become fashionable, our skin has appreciated it. Not many years ago, we just had a make-up and a nightcap. I think it’s the years, but I’ve become more responsible with this topic :).

exfoliente-facial- rutina diaria

After removing makeup we cleaned our face with our cleanser, then the eye contour would come. The most professional have a contour day and another at night, I’m climbing steps to reach that point. And finally, in my case, I alternate an oil with a night cream. And I swear that the night routine only takes me 3 minutes. This would be the basic principles of the daily routine but, do you think that our skin is completely clean? The answer is no.

There is a double cleaning that helps us to perform a cleaning in greater depth. The double cleaning consists of first doing a wash with an oil or a cream to remove grease, remains of cosmetics and makeup. After we passed a soapy cleaner with foam to remove contamination and dead cells. I have done it a couple of times and the skin looks fantastic.

And you are the ones who carry a daily routine or have a little forgotten?

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  1. Marjorie at 09:42

    Soy muy desastre con mis rutinas de belleza pero un paso imprescindible para mí es la limpieza facial. Aunque no me maquille, tengo que pasarme mi algodón con agua micelar para descansar bien. ¡Se ha convertido en una necesidad!


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