Autumn winter trends part II

Autumn winter trends part II

Today we bring you the second part of the post that you could see a couple of weeks ago about trends winter winter 2017. We seem too summarize all the trends that take each season in a single post.

Autumn Winter trends

Sea cap

You could see us with a look with her. Last year already they were in the stores but this year you will find them in all. We love hair accessories, but especially in winter. The best way to go houses and bring a plus to your look.


Socks boots

Another trend you have already seen on the blog. On this occasion it was Patri, already many months ago that he bought his booties sock. This season we have already signed ours. We love it in black, red or purple version. We love combined with skirt.



We saw it last season. It is appreciated that there are trends that are not out of fashion. This way you can redeem the garments you buy more. Our favorite version is in blazer, shoes or kimono.



Hair is a trend that is always present in winter. But this year is presented in the fists of jerseys and coats. If you want to buy one, customize one you have at home.



We see these prints and we love them. But when it comes to investing in a garment of this style, it throws back its price. Despite being in low cost stores its price is higher. Is it a trend that will last for a couple of years? We are valuing it.


What has been your favorite trend?

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