Autumn winter trends 2017

Autumn winter trends 2017

As every year we like to do a review of the autumn winter trends that we can see in stores. There are many that repeat themselves, others that are forgotten and many others that reinvent themselves (or that make us believe :)) The key is to invest in garments that we can use for several seasons. And buy trendier clothes or trendy accessories that will only last a season. That is the theory. But in practice sometimes we get out of hand. We create needs or put the mythical phrase of “I had a crush”. Whatever is best is to buy head. Study the possible combinations of the garments before purchased. And meditate the purchases.

Autumn Winter trends 2017


The pictures never go away. They are always with us. Tell yourself that they are mutating. From the tartan of several seasons ago to without going further the vichy picture of this summer. This autumn takes the picture Prince of Wales. We are authentic lovers of this print. You have seen many looks on the blog: Look 1, Look 2, Look 3, Look 4, Look 5, Look 6, Look 7, Look 8, Look 9, Look 10



Although it is not the trend that most fits with our style. We believe that jogging pants, with some rooms or sneakers and a white shirt you can get a look 10! All is know how to



We saw it in the post of Trends fall winter 2016. If you did not fall in their nets last season you will do this year. The hunters with lamb are in all the stores. What are you waiting for to get yours?



If you want to know what will be the pending this season keep reading. They are called Les Bonbons and have been seen for more than a year. But it seems that now they start to appear in the stores low cost.



The pearls return to stay. They are carried everywhere. Shoes, jeans, sweatshirts, jackets. Our preferred option is to wear them in jeans. A couple of months ago, we showed you a look with similar pants.


What has been the trend that you liked? Had you done with any last season?

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