Fall Winter Trends 2018

Fall Winter Trends 2018

We love doing this type of post with the arrival of the new season. Revise the trends autumn winter 2018 helps us to know what clothes we should buy and which we should discard our cabinets.

Fall Winter Trends 2018

Snake print

We are fans of prints and if they are more animal print. A couple of weeks ago you could see that we were getting a look with this print. They wear pants, blouses, jackets, bags, shoes and for the most daring in total look.

tendencias otoño invierno 2018 estampado serpiente

Cowboy boots

Years ago we adored stilettos, but today comfort prevails. That’s why we say a resounding yes to cowboy boots. We have them in our teenage years and we have a good memory of them. Until recently we still kept ours in the closet in case they became fashionable again. They have taken, but here they are to stay.

tendencias otoño invierno 2018 botas cowboy

Scarf print

The truth is that we have a feeling encountered with these trends. A part of us hates it because it may seem old. But the other knows that combined in the right way can be very stylish. Will we fall with the scarf print?

tendencias otoño invierno 2018 estampado pañuelo


We already had this print a couple of seasons ago, and we love it! Especially in Americans and skirts. For now we have only had accessories but this year we want to encourage us with a skirt or an American. Are you going to cheer up?

tendencias otoño invierno 2018 tartan

Which of these trends is your favorite for the new season?

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  1. Marjorie at 07:58

    El estampado de serpiente creía que me saturaría pero de momento… sigo enganchada a la tendencia jaja

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