Fashion tips that will make you look taller

Fashion tips that will make you look taller

Often, the style queries that you ask us like what look to take to an special event end up uncovering deeper style doubts. One of the most frequent is not knowing what kind of clothes look better on you if you have short stature. There are many false extended beliefs about what you should not wear if you are short. One day we will make a post only to deny them but today we will talk about what can really help. If you also have many doubts about it, then do not miss these style tips that will make you look taller.

Fashion Tips that will make you look Taller

High Waist

The high waist creates the visual effect that your legs start higher and therefore are longer. Do not hesitate to use it both with pants and skirts.

Falda talle alto. Consejos para bajitas. Asesoría de Imagen Vigo


Going to a Tailor

Most of the clothes we buy are usually too long. It is very important to adapt the garments to your measurements, whether it is going to your tailor of confidence or the sewing services offered in stores. Nothing feels better than a custom made garment.

sastre trucos para bajitas


Nude Shoes

Nude shoes mutate with your skin, which also avoids a visual cut in the ankle and makes your legs look longer.

Tacones nude para alargar las piernas. Trucos para parecer más alta



Showing more skin in the upper area, joining neckline with the neck also stylized. The necklines with a v shape will be your best ally, that’s why cross dresses will be your summer favorites.

Escote pico. Trucos de estilo para parecer más alta.

Small Handbags

Wear accessories according to your height is important. A large bag can make you look even smaller, while a small bag will proportionally balance your silhouette.

Bolso pequeño. Cómo parecer más alta.

Pointed Shoes

Pointed stiletto heels and pointed ballerinas will lengthen your instep and also prolong your legs.


Same color from top to bottom

Remember that every time you change color in your outfit, you are creating a visual cut. If you go from top to bottom in the same color that cut does not exist and you will see yourself much more stylized and taller.

Mismo color de arriba a abajo. Consejos para bajitas


Short clothes

If you are not comfortable with mini skirts or very short pants use a long half in the bottom garments. The more percentage of leg you show, the longer they will look. The high-waisted shorts will look great on you.

Pantalones cortos para alargar la pierna


Fitter clothes

Beware of clothes that are too wide because they will make you look smaller. The fitted garments enhance your silhouette much better.

Prendas entalladas. Trucos de estilo para parecer más alta


How many of these tips did you know? Which do you think are the most useful?

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