Vest over a dress

Vest over a dress

This fall is being a bit chaotic in terms of weather. Here in Galicia it has rained so little and we have hot days that seem like summer. So wearing layers and wearing warm clothes is almost impossible. It’s time to be inventive and combine garments of the two seasons so that the look is not too summery but also not too wrapped. One of the ideas I came up with was to combine a dress with a vest over it.

I love the look that I show you today for being very feminine but at the same time very casual. I feel super comfortable wearing it. I have already showed you the flower dress from Zara in this look  and the wood handbag in this other one. The black vest it’s from Zara and I wore it in this post and the earrings here. Yes, I do repeat clothes, because doing shopping it’s ok but we also have to make the most of the garments that we already have in our closet. My greatest joy would be if you told me that Yael and I inspired you to do that.

Vest over a dress

Vestido con chaleco por encima negro

Pendientes de flecos rojos de H&M. Vestido de flores de Zara.

Cómo combinar vestido con chaleco

Vestido estampado floral de Zara con chaleco negro y pendientes rojos

Blog de Moda de Vigo. Siempre Hay Algo Que Ponerse

Bolso de madera de Zara, vestido de flores camisero y chaleco con cinto

Chaleco sobre vestido. Otra forma de combinar tu vestido.

Vestido con chaleco por encima

Dress Zara

Sneakers Converse

Earrings H&M

Handbag Zara

What do you think of the look? Did you think about using your favorite summer dress now with a vest?

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