Button dress

Button dress

They are going to be the last photos that you see with long hair. I have cut it, some say that many others only the tips. For me it has been a great change. You will judge yourselves in the next pictures 😉 Today I bring a look with Cherie buttons dress perfect for summer. I love this color! It seems to me that when you take tone in the skin feel scared do not you think?

Button dress

look con vestido cherie look con vestido de botones look perfecto para ir a la playa vestido mostaza cherie siempre hay algo que ponerse vestido de botones blog moda pontevedra como combinar tu canotier street style vestido de botones esparteñas camuflaje street style mostaza street style canotier bolso purificacion garcia

Dress: Cherie
Esparteñas: Pull and Bear
Belt: Massimo Dutti
Bag: Purificación García
Canotier: Stradivarius
What kind of looks do you use to go for a drink after the beach?

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