Satin dress

Satin dress

Last year in the sales I got this H & M satin dress. I never thought that I could get to like this type of clothes so much, but the truth is that my closet is more crowded. In the blog I have taken pijamero style garments several times. Without going any further, less than a month ago you could see this look with pajama shirt. And good the bag would deserve a special post but I think I’m going to reserve it. It was a gift from my thirtieth birthday and the truth is that I can not be happier. You are going to tire of seeing me!

Satin dress

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Bag: Gucci

Dress: H & M

Sandals: Uterqüe

T-shirt: Zara

Earrings: H & M

Do you like this type of dress or do you see it too much like a nightgown?

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