Coral long dress

Coral long dress

Today I show you a dress that make gives me a feeling of love-hate. On one hand I love the color, but has a cross-cut that does not quite convince me. The cross cut in the chest it’s not for everyone, and I think there are necklines that can fit me more. I really like the result of this look, a mixture of ethnic chic look which I love. I shown you a very similar outfit but with another dress that you can see here.

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 Dress: Zara

Basket: Vintage

Sandals: Zara

Belt: Primark

Turbant: Sfera


 Do you like long dresses? How do you combine it?

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  1. Caroline at 15:38

    Un outfit muy veraniego y con uno de mis colores favoritos, para mi gusto además muy versátil… me he enamorado del cinturón, le da un toque perfecto! Un saludo guapísima!

  2. elena at 09:01

    pero que guapa estás!! me encanta el color coral y además favorece un montón al estar morena!! la cinta en el pelo me gusta mucho, te favorecen los sombreros, tocados y demás accesorios!! y el cinturón es una monada!
    Besos guapa!

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