Linen dress

Linen dress

This summer I am going kind of crazy with dresses, I am super surprised because I have always been more of pants. But I believe that we must follow our instincts, our style evolves and we should not close to it. This is part of why I love fashion, because it makes you find or rediscover clothes that you have forgotten. Your way of dressing goes hand in hand with your personality and your way of life. And at the moment something from me is asking for dresses 🙂 . I had already showt you a flower dress and today I want to show you a linen dress.

I have combined it with low-heels with leopard print and gold handbag and earrings. The dress it’s very flattering for its color and cut. I opted for this outfit to go out on a Saturday night out with friends. I hope you like it:

Linen Dress









Dress Mango

Earrings Sfera

Bag Mango

What do you think of the dress? How would you combine it?

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  1. Paulina Villarroel at 22:44

    Estoy a punto de comprar el vestido. En qué talla lo lleva tú?
    Te queda hermoso

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