Wedding guest clothes in Vigo – SABS

Wedding guest clothes in Vigo – SABS

ACTUALIZACIÓN: Sentimos informaros de que SABS, donde hemos realizado este reportaje en 2016, ha cerrado 🙁 . Pero si estás buscando tiendas dónde comprar ropa para un evento importante, nosotras podemos ayudarte con nuestro servicio de personal shopper en Vigo.

In this time where the number of weddings, baptisms and communions triples, we love to give you advice that will help you to be the most stylish guest. This year we have already talked to you about 45 looks to become the most stylish wedding guest and about our favourite online brands. But we know how important it is to try on clothes in a store where you have someone to advise you according to your body shape and the characteristics of the event. Many of you have asked us through our Facebook page where you can find wedding guest dresses in Vigo or Pontevedra and so today we want to present you SABS in a very special way, the new store with party clothes in Vigo.

Its owner, Sabela Alonso a fashion lover, especially of party clothed, saw the need in Vigo of a shop with versatile, feminine and quality garments. All clothing and accessories they sell are 100% designed and made in Spain and have a very affordable price. They work exclusively in the city with brands specialized in event clothes that we love as Panambi, Colour Nude, Apparentia, Matilde Cano, Louver Marbella, Double Ikkat, Cordón de seda and Adela Marín. And they also offer the service of tailor made of headdresses and canotiers by Nuria Benlloch.

SABS seems the perfect place for those of you that seek elegance without excess, with fresh, flattering and colorful clothes that you will be able to wear to an event and reused after in a less formal occasion only changing the accessories. And to show you the variety of styles that you can find, Yael and I prepared several looks with which you will be the most stylish wedding guest.



















Did you like the clothes we choose? Any favorite?

Did you know this store in Vigo? If you want to visit it or give it a check this is the address SABS C/ Hernán Cortés nº2 Vigo and its Instagram account SABScoleccion.

From here we want to thank you the confidence that you have on us whenever you ask us for and advice through our social network, whether for a wedding or other event, we are thrilled that you value our opinion 🙂 Thank you very much!

Asesora de imagen personal en Vigo.

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  1. Maribel Martin Ortiz at 12:04

    Pues la verdad es que son todos preciosos!!!! Creo que por mi estilo me quedaría con el primero, esa falda en amarillo, con ese cinturón de flores y la blusa me han enamorado!!!!

    el blog de renée

    • Patri Author at 10:15

      Sí Ana, es que tienen un montón de diseños preciosos, nos costó decidir que prendas enseñaros jiji 😉

  2. Elena Fernández at 12:28

    Qué prendas tan bonitas!! El último de flores es un sueño y la falda Péplum muy estilosa!!

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